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What is school management software?

School management software is an application that helps manage all the processes at your educational institution. The right school management software is an organizational boon to any school or college. It is because most rules-driven processes can be automated and digitized to be performed by the school management software.
It includes everything from the submission of application forms during admissions to generating individual fee receipts en masse for the student body. School management software is thus the ideal companion to ensure the smooth functioning of any educational institution on a day to day basis.

How does a school management mobile app help?

While school management software is a useful tool in any educational institution’s arsenal, one can recognize its full worth when using it on a mobile device. The full power of school management software gets unleashed by its suitability to be used on the go, using people’s devices. Research shows us that most people use mobile devices – like mobile phones or tablets – to access their online portals. In this fast-paced world, a tool like a school management software becomes a right partner in the educational ecosystem when people can use it from anywhere at any time and across their devices. A seamless experience across devices and platforms in this regard is key to increasing usage on a consistent base by various stakeholders in the industry.

How features of school management mobile app improve efficiency?

One of the noticeable advantages of using ERP apps is how it makes all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem more efficient in terms of processes on the day-to-day. People can manage their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively. Such outcomes are only enhanced when school ERP mobile app put in use.


•   Timetable Tracking
Staying on track means having easy and readily available access to one’s schedule. It is especially the case for students, who alongside their scholarly pursuits are also learning how to be organized and maintain consistency in their life. These soft skills are essential in the real professional world, where their career success will depend on their ability to discipline themselves and remain productive even under adverse conditions.
In this sense, having a school management mobile app that shares timetable details in real-time, along with allied information helps students stick to a schedule and build habits that will make them timetable oriented in the future also.

•   Fees Management
Fee payments are crucial to school and college management since it directly impacts the bottom-line. It is also an indicator of the financial health of a school and a process that is highly sensitive. Fee generation and payment is a high stakes process – it is essential to reduce error rates and remain accurate in terms of details.
A school management software is thus a perfect fee management system that will be able to take over the end to end fee process for any educational institution. The advantage of using school management app is that parents can make fee payments and receive receipts for dues cleared on the go.
The school ERP app enables them to make secure payments through a payment gateway from anywhere at any time and from the device of their choosing. Both parents and school management can rest easy knowing that this vital process is proceeding smoothly and efficiently, while also being convenient for all stakeholders involved.

•   Attendance
Attendance tracking signals the student body health of any educational institution. Patterns in attendance can be studied to understand trends that indicate illness, blockers to attendance, or even students who might be falling behind in some way or another. But attendance tracking in a school management app is not just limited to spotting these trends. Attendance is also a safety issue for a vulnerable populace – the student community.
Being able to use attendance tracking via the mobile app in real-time helps parents and teachers and management be aware of a student’s whereabouts or track where they last were. While independence is encouraged, a school’s primary mandate is also to ensure the safety and security of a student – this is made possible on a day to day basis by the attendance tracking feature in the school management app.

•   Messaging Platform for Notifications and Alerts
Staying up to date in real-time leads to more efficient days for students, teachers, parents, and management at any educational institution. A school management mobile app is especially useful in this regard – it can send out system-wide alerts and notifications in a matter of moments and reach the people it wants to on their mobile devices. No more sending out circulars or making endless phone calls to update stakeholders in the educational ecosystem of what is happening on the day-to-day.
Instead, use instant SMS or email notifications or in-app announcements and messages to keep everyone in the loop. Notifications and alerts can be set up and muted for a variety of purposes, along with also being able to select an audience of one to pre-selected groups to receive such alerts and notifications. These alerts and notifications also keep in mind privacy issues since they are within the school management software platform itself and can be kept confidential to a chosen audience instead of being a system-wide alert if the sender of the notification or alert so desires.

Automated alerts and notifications can also be set up to share confirmations or other information triggered by internal processes to relevant parties. This kind of automated messaging system ensures a reduction of burden on the time and labor resources of an educational institution.

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