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Writing reports and collating results after a test or exam is always tedious and time-consuming to teachers. In fact, this process is usually dreaded by teachers, considering the stress of writing the marks of each student and carrying out the necessary calculation before awarding the grades.
Additionally, this drains the productivity of the teacher since valuable time is spent on results and reports. Exam and Results Management in School ERP is the solution to writing reports and results. By using the Quick school manager software with this module, teachers can now relax and focus on other pressing demands.
This online student exam & result management system solution not only benefits the teachers but also the students. Students no longer have to worry about wrong or inaccurate results, since there's no chance for errors in this system. QSM’s students report module allow the teachers to publish student report cards and grades online.
All the teacher has to do is to input the marks into the system, and the school exam management system will generate the student report card automatically. What's more? There’s no space for errors in this module.
Quick school manager’s report module possess features like; report generation, archived reports, and publishing of online marks for the students and parents.

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